What is Stressing You Out?

stressing you outSome doctors and pharmaceutical companies would like you to think that it has to do with lack of serotonin and imbalanced chemicals in the brain at best. Most of the time, they tell you it’s you and try to introvert you into figuring out if it’s your relationship with your mother, or you lack of self-esteem.

You have to look at the amount of deficiencies that create the exact symptoms related to “stress”.

A deficiency is basically a nutrient that your body does not have enough of to function properly. If you forgot to put oil in your car, even if the motor was in good working condition, the engine would seize up and stop working. This same principle holds true with the functioning of your body.

Adrenal exhaustion can cause anxiety (worry), frequent feelings of stress ad difficulty handling stress. The adrenals need salt, healthy fats, vitamin C and copper to run effectively.

Toxins can deplete the body of many nutrients that the body needs to be relaxed. Toxins do not only come from the air we breathe and the food we eat but ingredients that have on their label “do not take internally” by the FDA are put into lotions, sun screens, cosmetics, deodorants soaps and shampoos. The body does absorb these things into the blood.

Lack of B vitamins can lead to stress. Deficiencies in B vitamins and vitamin C can cause fatigue and depression. Deficiencies in omega-3 essential fatty acids may lead to mood swings or depression along with fatigue and poor memory. That’s pretty stressful.

Lack of calcium can cause heart palpitations. Lack of potassium can cause irregular heartbeat. Heart palpitations and irregular heart beat alone can cause the person experiencing them a great deal of stress.

Lack of magnesium can cause nervousness. The lower your magnesium level is, the more reactive to stress you become, and the higher the levels of adrenaline in stressful situations. Higher adrenaline causes greater loss of magnesium from cells, creating a vicious cycle.

Each deficiency can create a multitude of problems for different organs and glands in the body. The adrenal gland is the stress gland and you do not want to have that imbalanced and overproducing cortisol – the stress hormone.

Stress can even create more stress. Stress gets the body to use up large quantities of nutrients which in turn lead to more nutritional deficiencies. It can lead to unhealthy behaviors in order to produce energy such as smoking, alcohol use, poor diets (wanting that quick rise in blood sugar by going to a fast food restaurant), all of which cause more nutritional deficiencies.


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What is Acupressure?

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And don’t forget going for walks and looking around your environment when you really feel stressed.


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