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We don’t advocate taking any drugs except if absolutely necessary in an emergency situation when a person’s life depends on it. We then recommend that after that emergency is over to use natural remedies, especially considering that there are so many natural remedies available (see Natural Remedies below).

However, we also know that a bad headache and other painful acute conditions can inspire one to reach for the aspirin.

Aspirin was created 100 years ago primarily as a treatment for arthritis. It has been used for that purpose ever since. Aspirin has been recognized as one of the least expensive and most effective medications for the treatment of many of the forms of arthritis. For more information on Arthritis, see our article Arthritis

Aspirin causes vitamins deficiencies

So, we want you to know what supplements to take to combat the vitamin depletion that taking this drug can cause.

Aspirin interferes with digestion, the formation of body starch, the production of tissue proteins, and the ability of the cells to absorb sugar; it slows the clotting of blood, increases the need both for oxygen and for every known nutrient, and accelerates the urinary loss of calcium, potassium, vitamin C and all the B vitamins.

Aspirin can force the adrenal glands to produce a little more cortisone, but in the process it depletes the glands of vitamin C and pantothenic acid.

Aspirin can block Vitamin C from being absorbed into your body and it breaks it down too fast. Aspirin causes a buildup of toxins within your body, which then increases your need for vitamin C but also reduces the body’s ability to absorb it.

Aspirin causes you to excrete calcium through the urine.

Aspirin is also an antagonist of magnesium. It can also lower potassium levels. It increases the body’s retention of sodium as the sodium/potassium balance will be affected.

There is also evidence that ibuprofen can cause calcium loss through the urine and can interfere with nutrient metabolism. Make sure you get enought vitamin D as it helps improve your calcium absorption. Vitamin D is best gotten by being out in the sun daily.

The counter pain killers will deplete the body of glutathione which is the body’s major antioxidant

Dr. Berg’s Video on Aspirin Alternatives

The information of the video is Medical Advice for Education Purposes Only

Natural Remedies:

What do you take if you’re going to take aspirin:
(click on name of vitamin for recommended sources of these supplements)

Vitamin C

Vitamin B Complex   Natural Nutritional Yeast supplements

Electrolytes including Potassium

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Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder is the perfect combination of electrically conducting minerals and trace minerals. Electrolytes when dissolved in water create charged elements ready to hydrate the body cells and energize the body. These active minerals assist in nerve conduction as well as muscle contraction and relaxation.

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Irrespective of the characteristic of the pain, whether it is sharp, dull, aching, burning, stabbing, numbing or tingling, all pain arise from inflammation and the inflammatory response. Sota Omoigui, MDcorresponding author   


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