Hip & Knee Joints, Why They Wear Out

Have you noticed how many people are getting knee and hip replacements.  It is gaining support and someone with a lot of pain, is very happy with the fact that they now don’t have any pain. Of course, it never addressed the reason that joints wear out.  Since knee replacements are often followed by hip

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Building Health at the Cellular Level

“We need to shift focus from treating disease to generating health” – Hippocrates (AMA “The Father of Medicine”) As per the above quote, generating health is the way to go. It is smart to not let your body degenerate to the point where you have to have a medical doctor intervene with drugs and surgery.

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Need a Stocking Stuffer? Or a unique gift?

What about the gift of health? Is anyone on your list in need of a good quality daily vitamin? Or a natural pain reliever? Do they need help to sleep? Or need more energy? A Different Idea, a natural supplement gift. Micro Balance Health Products Sleep Aid Gut Help for Special Needs Children Or check

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Toxins = Bad Health

There are so many ways that toxins can get into your body and disrupt the normal body functions.   Yes, you can breath it, you can ingest them, you can even get it through your skin.’ Wonder what is in your beauty products?  What is in that shaving cream?  What is in the make up or

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How About Not Putting Toxins in Your Body

How?  One way is not to eat anything with toxins.  Interesting idea isn’t it. So one of the dubious foods that are toxic, or worse, we don’t know that interfering with food will do.  I’m talking about GMOs.   Genetically Modified Organisms, doesn’t sound very healthy to me. Here is some links that will take you

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Aging and Staying Active

I’ve heard of yoga as a tool for aging. But then I read this article that was written for caregivers, but which can be used by anyone to be more active and mobile. It is full of really good information so I put it on the MCVitamins page on Aging. But you can go directly

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