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Fighting Bacteria on Your Teeth and Gums

Yes, unless you teeth become demineralized due to a faulty diet, you most likely won’t have any bacteria in your mouth and if you do, they won’t be attacking your teeth and gums. But what do you use when you have a problem with bacteria. Read: Gum Disease Read: Read about Dental Health includes the

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Dental Health – What does it mean?

Have you been given scary words to get you to come every 6 months to have your teeth scraped (“cleaned” or to fight back any “decay” by having holes drilled in your teeth and filled with foreign material. Well, there really is no other way to fight tooth loss and pain, right? Right? Start by

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Dental Work & Surgery Nerve Problems?

It is common for people to experience different nerve damage symptoms after dental work. This is especially true of dental surgery and implants. During the procedure, the nerve can be damaged. Yes, it most probably will get better in a few months if it isn’t extensive damage. But are you willing to put up with

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