Saccharin, a chemical substitute for sugar

substitute for sugarSaccharin, the sugar substitute that gained notoriety in the late 1970s as a substance that caused cancer but it has since been taken off the official list.

The Department of Health and Human Sciences announced the change in May in the “Report on Carcinogens (9th Edition). Dr. Kenneth Older, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Toxicology Program said, “…. Studies now indicated that the rat bladder tumors arise from mechanisms that are not inherent to the human situation. In addition, we have decades more data from observations of humans using saccharin that adds to our confidence. In other words, with better science, we can now make a better call.”

Of course, eating real food is always better than chemically manufactured substances.

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The Atkins Diet Center has done research that indicates sweeteners that contain aspartame (such as NutraSweet and Equal) stimulate insulin production (leading to unstable blood sugar, irritability and carbohydrate cravings). Sweeteners that use sucralose (marketed as Splenda) and saccharin (such as Sweet ‘n Low) have not been shown to stimulate insulin production.

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