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Rebuilding a Healthy Mouth -
Addressing Loose Teeth

The first step to a healthy mouth is to handle any irritation, bleeding and puffy gums that comes from bacteria that has been creating this problem (Full info in Periodontal Disease).

Once the mouth is not infected, and gums calmed down and not puffy, you need to rebuild your mouth's health.

In order to rebuild the bone & ligaments that create loose teeth you need to build healthy bones and ligaments.  The body needs minerals.

For Healthy Bone & Ligaments around your teeth.


Introduced in 1954, Standard Process

Biost contains manganese and veal bone PMGTM extract to support cellular and skeletal health.

  • Provides uniquely derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that support cellular health

  • Promotes healthy bone and teeth†


Gluten Free

Bone Support Formula

This formula contains unique plant forms of calcium and magnesium that are highly bio-available.  Specific vitamins and minerals are included in this formula to help your body utilize and absorb the calcium more efficiently. It also contains D3 and K2.  Why are these important to bone & Teeth health Read  RHP Bone Support Formula. 

This is just a start and will help the teeth.  Diet is a big factor as well.

Read Dental Health Care 



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