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Diet Shakes 

How this diet works:  

There are two types of liquid diets: over-the-counter types such as SlimFast and medically-supervised types like Optifast. Over-the-counter plans suggest that you replace two meals and one snack with their product, then eat a healthy, balanced third meal that should be low in fat and calories. Medically supervised plans require that you use their product for your entire food intake for a specified amount of time; intake is typically less than 1000 calories per day. 

Good points:

What could be more simple or convenient than mixing up a shake, or popping open a ready-mixed can for your meals or snacks? Liquid meal replacements are low fat and often fortified with most vitamins and minerals and help the body burn fat. 

Bad points:

You may quickly tire of drinking your meals, and find yourself longing to sink your teeth into some solid food. These plans also don't teach lifelong food habits that allow long-term weight maintenance. 

More information about this diet:

Haven't found a restaurant yet which serves these drinks.  You cannot have alcohol or caffeine.   You need to purchase special meals   If you are a vegetarian who doesn't drink milk, you have to look for soy-based products.

If you use liquid meal replacements occasionally instead of skipping a meal or choosing a high-calorie fast-food lunch, they're not a bad idea. 

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