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Fungus Link to Weight Gain

How the Diet Works:  "Know the Cause", by Douglas Kaufman has evidence that many health problems are linked to fungus in our foods.   Weight gain is one of them.   He's found fungus connected to Metabolic Syndrome. Fatty Liver Disease and other health problems due to our poor diets.  He has Diets to get you back to health and one specifically for weight loss.

Good Points:  Gives you an understanding how fungus can keep the weight on and what to eat to eliminate this problem.  You also will feel better, and a lot of your health problems will disappear.    He has recipe books using the recommended Phase I diet which makes good meals that will also help you lose weight.

Bad Points: Depending how you look at it - You have to change you eating habits and eat healthy. 

Duration:  Lifestyle change.

More information:  There is a website and TV show dedicated to helping you understand the fungus connection.

The book on weight loss can be found here:
Fungus Link to Weight Loss

and more books on the Fungus Link to Health

And the article The Kaufman Diet is Working But I'm Losing Too much Weight


Find out about "Not Losing Weight to Get Healthy, But Getting Healthy to Lose Weight"

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