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How this diet works:   

Dieters learn to make weight loss their No. 1 priority. Good carbs, those with a low G.I. (such as whole-grain breads and fiber-rich veggies), are the fuel of choice. Thatís because they maintain normal blood sugar and insulin levels, resulting in less hunger and fat storage.  

Forget counting calories, or even worrying about the glycemic index. Dieters who buy the companyís prepared foods automatically receive correct portions in the form of low G.I. foods. The plan adds up to one low-fat protein at each meal, three daily servings of vegetables, 2 to 3 fruits, 2 to 3 dairy products, 2 to 4 whole grains, and 1 to 2 servings of heart-healthy fats.

Good Points   

A variety of prepared veggie foods are sold online, and the book includes meatless recipes like Black Bean Gazpacho to Baked Tofu Salad  Eating Out: Maybe. The company touts its own foods, of course, but itís possible to negotiate the occasional meal out as long as itís low in fat and calories, and low on the glycemic index.

Bad Points   

The food isnít cheap. A 28-day meal package costs around $275. Choosing a la carte drives the cost up even more.

If you have a blood sugar problem, you don't want a lot of carbs period. 

Duration: Open-ended. The actual diet plan is 28 days, but dieters repeat the regimen until they reach their goal.

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