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Scarsdale Diet

How this diet works:  

A seven- to fourteen-day plan that clearly outlines the types of foods to be consumed at three meals each day. Snacking is not allowed, and herbal appetite suppressants are encouraged. Meals consist of fruit, vegetables, and lean sources of protein in unlimited amounts. 

Good points:

You don't have to count calories or grams of fat, and there is no limit on portion sizes. Weight loss often occurs rapidly, and you won't have to worry about hunger. 

Bad points:

This plan is dangerously low in carbohydrate and many vitamins and minerals. A strict meal plan must be followed exactly. Herbal appetite suppressants are often encouraged; these may be dangerous for people with heart disease or high blood pressure - talk to your doctor.

Seven to fourteen days 

More information about this diet:

It is possible to eat at restaurants if you know they have the exact foods you need for that meal   Alcohol is prohibited but caffeine is allowed in limited quantities.   Vegetarians cannot keep to this diet as you need to eat animal proteins.

The Scarsdale diet, like other low-carbohydrate, high-protein plans, eliminates foods that are high in fiber and many nutrients in favor of quick weight loss. 

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