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Weight Watchers

How this diet works: 

Weight Watchers has historically been based on a food exchange system, where each participant is given a set number of calories and food exchanges to follow for each meal and snack. The new 1-2-3 Success Plan is based on a point system, where every food is assigned a number of points based on its fat, fiber and calorie content. Each person is assigned a set number of points for each day. 

Good points

The group support is often fun and encouraging; the meal plans are based on health principles; and the new 1-2-3 program allows all foods to be enjoyed as long as you can fit in their 'points.' Weight Watchers groups are found virtually everywhere, including many work locations. 

Bad points:

If you're looking for rapid weight loss, this program could be frustrating since it focuses on slower, long-term loss. 


More information about this diet:

You can eat at restaurants.  Alcohol and caffeine are okay.   You can be a vegetarian and use their diet plan.

Weight Watchers has changed with the times and encourages everyone to change their eating lifestyle.

Website:  http://www.weightwatchers.com/index.aspx 


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