Neuropathy? Supplements that Can Help Ease Your Symptoms

ease your symptomsYes, I always recommend that in the case of neuropathy, you want to build healthy nerves. You can read about Nerve Health and what you can do.

But while getting healthy, what can you take that will ease the symptoms of unhealthy nerves while not giving you side effects?

We don;t recommend a series of herbs for the pain, you can read more at Herbs and Neuropathy

Essential Fatty Acids – Omega 3 -Omega-3 fatty acids can provide important nutritional support for those who have nerve pain.

The February 2010 “Clinical Journal of Pain” describes five patients with neuropathic pain that experienced lasting relief by taking high dosages of EPA and DHA. Dosages of 2,400 to 7,200 mg a day contributed to improvements that were maintained for as long as 19 months. For the Omega 3 Fish Oil that is recommended is Cod Liver Oil.  There are many reasons to use this type of fish oil including the addition of purified bile sales to support nutrient digestion and absorption.  Read about this Fish Oil

Amino Acids Amino acids are the chemical units, or “building blocks” that make up protein. In its various forms protein participates in the vital chemical processes that sustain life. And they help with neuropathy pain. Read about Amino Acids

Vitamin C – Sorbitol (a form of sugar) travels to certain parts of the body where it builds up. These parts of the body are the lens of the eye where it forms a white milky film called cataracts, and the sciatic nerve (the big nerve that runs down your leg) where it can cause nerve damage (nerve pain). Evidence indicates that taking 2,000 mg a day of vitamin C may reduce the production of sorbitol and help strip sorbitol out of the body. The human body does not manufacture the vitamin C it needs. The only way you can acquire the vitamin C you need is through your diet and/or supplementation.

We recommend whole food vitamins and the one we recommend contains the complete complex including all the co-factors that is available in natural vitamin c in food, and the body knows how to absorb and use it. This 100% natural vitamin C complex is made with four nutrient-rich berries: acerola cherry, acai, strawberry, and blueberry.

Read about this Vitamin C and what other health conditions it helps.

Calcium/Magnesium Calcium is a vital nutrient that is involved in transmitting nerve impulses, maintaining muscle tone, assisting in the function of hormones and enzymes, as well as playing an important role in blood clotting, not to mention bone health. Calcium & Magnesium helps nourish your nerves. Read more Calcium/Magnesium

We hope this assists you in your search to relieve your neuropathy.


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