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Better Health and how to get it on a gradient


Our health is drastically impacted by nutrition. The body runs on nutrients. You learn in grade school that the body uses food to create energy and repair itself.

Thus, you’ll find that health issues are best addressed with diet. It can be addressed by adding or eliminating certain foods, and by taking the proper supplements which are missing from your diet.

We also know that fast food does not give you the nutrients that your body requires and that processed foods create their own problems.

The purpose of is to help you find out what vitamins you need to take due to a “fast food” lifestyle and also how to increase your health.  When you build health, disease tends to fade away.

There are certain things that you can do without drastically changing your lifestyle that will get you on the road to good health.

Things are better taken on a gradient. Have you ever tried to totally change your health by getting plenty of exercise and by eating only healthy “fruits and vegetables”? It was too steep a gradient and you probably gave it up pretty quickly. Have you ever suddenly stop drinking or eating certain substances and got a headache and/or started to feel really badly? It was too steep a gradient.

We would like to propose that you start on a gradient. By following the Health Tips we’ve outlined below, you can add just one step and know that you are making a difference in your health. And, of course, by taking the vitamins that we’ve outlined in our other links which help your body compensate for the missing or destroyed vitamins and minerals that occur when eating a “normal” fast food diet of eating processed and refined foods.

And of course our recommended supplements that will help to reverse a health problem. This is where to start.

1. Drink Enough Water to Stay Hydrated – How much and why?

2. Don’t breathe polluted air. Yeah, right. Maybe if you live out in the country somewhere. And of course, there are some cities that are worse than others. Well, I know it isn’t reasonable for everyone to “head for the hills”, so what do we do? We take antioxidants and other supplements that will combat the problems created by the air we breathe. Want to understand why? Well here is our article on Pollution and what to take to combat its bad effects.

3. Exercise – Yes, I know what you’re going to say. It is usually acknowledged that good health depends on exercise. I’ll bet your going to say – yes, but, I work long hours, I go to school, I have these kids, etc. etc. etc. I just don’t have the energy. I know I should but…

Why exercise? Only during exercise are nutrients needed for maximum energy production carried to every body cell.

Well, one of the reasons that you don’t have that energy and don’t feel like exercising is nutritional deficiencies created by eating at fast food restaurants, eating processed foods, having an essential fatty acid deficiency from eating the latest fad of “low fat” foods, high carb diet due to a “gluten free” diet, going on low calorie diets and not getting enough fuel (healthy food), etc. etc. It’s a dwindling spiral.

A spontaneous urge to exercise cannot be expected until the correct nutrients are obtained. Dietary improvement quickly increases metabolism, or internal exercise.   And then there are ways to get exercise in. Remember exercise builds a healthy body and helps you to sleep. Hints on how to get exercise into your life.

4. Sleep: Sleep is as important. Can you get this into your schedule? Find out why you need sleep Find out what to do if you can’t sleep at Sleeplessness

5. Eat the right foods or supplement what you need. The body has its blueprints encoded in the DNA. It will build a perfect body. But, you have to eat the right things and good things to build that perfect body. My doctor once gave me the best analogy I ever heard. Say you hired a contractor to build you a perfect replica of the Taj Mahal. He was a great contractor and could easily build it. However, the only materials you gave him to build the Taj Mahal were ply wood and nails. He couldn’t make a very good reproduction could he? It’s the same with the body. It needs the right materials to build healthy tissues.

There can be many reasons why you have a deficiency, but making sure you get all the essential nutrients will result in a balanced healthy body. Your specific problem might be that you digestion is bad and you don’t digest your food properly; well, don’t take anything that will artificially help you digest, take those vitamins that will enable your body to build a healthy digestive system. Now that won’t be overnight, but you can work on getting healthier and healthier.

Now I know that there are several problems with eating good foods. First, getting the correct foods. A lot of foods that are available are processed and even the fruits and vegetables are not full of all the right stuff. In order to get the same iron from a can of spinach that you would have gotten in 1950, (Popeye’s favorite) you would have to eat 50 cans today, maybe more. Yes, there just isn’t enough of the same iron in the food. Why? Because there are two types of farming – conventional and organic. Conventional farming is done by treating the plant with various substances that should make them grow, but it just doesn’t measure up. Organic farming treats the soil, not the plant. This is actually the way that nature makes plants. A plant can take iron from the soil. The plant makes the iron into something that the human body can eat. If you add iron to the plant, it just doesn’t work right.

Okay, so first always get the best foods – unprocessed and organically grown if you can. And, check to make sure that the food is not genetically modified (GMO). You just get more of the good stuff with unprocessed and organic foods. For more information see our article on Organically Grown Foods and some information on the Basics for Handling Foods Safely

Another problem we fall into, which I know is my downfall, is having time to cook my meals. It just doesn’t happen. A lot of women work and raise their kids and …. Well, it’s the same with men, we are all too busy. There seems like there is just not enough time unless cooking is really your hobby and you love doing it. It is so much easier to go to the fast food restaurant, or even to a regular restaurant, or TV dinners, etc. etc. There things you can make which don’t take that much time and are well worth the investment of your time.

We also would like to recommend a book that easily explains why you should eat certain things and also gives what you can do about it. It’s The Hope Formula  And remember, you don’t have to cook a salad, just put it in a bowl and vegetables raw or lightly steamed don’t take much time either.

We also recommend a Healthy Keto® Diet.   Keto seems to be the fad these days, but there are many different “keto” diets and “keto friendly” processed foods.  If you don’t understand what Keto is really about, you can find out here – Ketogenic Diet – Get Healthy to Lose Weight, not lose weight to get Healthy 

Weight Loss Diets – We talk about the Pros and Cons.

When you just can’t eat the right foods

The answer for not being able to get the foods we need with the right nutrition is to supplement. You need to get the missing nutrition that is lacking in foods, by taking supplements.

There is a lot of information on this site regarding what to take to supplement your diet. If you eat at McDonalds for instance, you will need certain supplements to offset what is missing or what you get too much of. If you smoke or if you drink a lot of caffeinated or carbonated soda, we also have what you need to take. We also have information that you can read so you understand why to take it.

This is always good to learn because the more you understand what you are doing to the body by eating the wrong ingredients or eating unbalanced foods, the more likely it is that you will not forget to take your supplements, or maybe even change what you eat. But that is up to you. When you click on each of our pages about any subject, you can get educated on what you might need.

Or you can find out more about whole food supplements vs. the synthetic kind here When taking supplements they need to be whole food, not something cooked up in the laboratory.

Additional information

There is some more information on eating foods which are really good for you and I want to share this with you. I have two articles: Genetically Engineered Foods aka GMO (genetically modified organisms) and Irradiated Foods. You can judge for yourself what foods you want to eat.

6. Lose weight: At no time in the history of the world have there been so many overweight people as in America today. At no time in history of the world has a single nation consumed such high percentage of refined foods and hydrogenated fats. All this has led to unhealthy bodies and overweight.

We have a weight loss program which involves balancing your nutrition. You take those vitamins that can prevent you from losing weight due to the imbalances that go along with the modern diet of processed foods.

We also recommend a balanced diet of protein/fats/carbohydrates in proportions designed especially for you. For more information see our Weight Loss Hints There are also lots of weight loss programs around and we want to tell you about those as well, so you can evaluate for yourself what you want to do. We’ve gathered the information on the more popular diet plans and you can see them here.

We really recommend Dr. Berg’s philosophy – you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight. More on this and eating a really healthy diet can be found in Dr. Berg’s educational videos.


For a good source of Natural Vitamin supplements that is recognized and used by the body and which can help fill in the needed nutrition, we found excellent sources   We also recommend these Products We Recommend

Do you have another diet plan that works? Please email us  We would like to share it with others. Email if you have any other Health Tips you feel we should publish.


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