Fish Oil and Nerve Pain Relief

Nerve pain, also called neuralgia, is pain that follows the pathway of the nerve. It can have many different causes.

Sometimes a primary external agent or cause at a particular site along the nerve pathway can be identified. Chemicals, inflammation, compression of tissues, tissue damage from accident or surgery and tumors can all cause nerve pain.

One common form of nerve pain causes discomfort in the face and surface of the eye. Other forms of nerve pain are triggered by specific conditions, such as shingles and diabetes.

Neuralgia often develops into a condition called neuropathic pain. When neuralgia becomes chronic, it can cause deterioration of the myelin sheath that surrounds and insulates pain nerves.

Then, just like an electrical circuit with exposed wiring, nerves that shouldn’t be communicating directly with each other cross paths and create a feedback loop that perpetuates pain.

Dr. Gorgon Ko describes several case studies of chronic pain in the February 2010 “Clinical Journal of Pain.” Five patients with neuropathic pain experienced lasting relief by taking high dosages of EPA and DHA. Dosages of 2,400 to 7,200 mg a day contributed to improvements that were maintained for as long as 19 months.

It then follows that the higher the Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) content of the fish oil, the more it will nutritionally support and help your body to maintain normal nerve function.

* Average fish oil has 600 mg (EPA & DHA) Omega-3s.
* Higher Quality fish oil has 800 mg (EPA & DHA) Omega-3s.
* Cold Water Fish Oil has 1500 mg (EPA & DHA) Omega-3s.

FishOilBottleCold Water Fish Oil gel caps are also “enteric coated” so that they do not dissolve until they pass through the stomach and reach the intestines. That way there are no “fishy burps” or aftertaste.

Not all fish oils are the same. The highest quality fish oil comes from cold water fish, and the best cold water fish oil comes from the deep cold waters off the Norwegian coast. If the label does not state “cold water,” it is low quality warm water fish oil.

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