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Quizzes – Take a Health Quiz…. or two.

Quiz – Am I doing everything I can to help my Neuropathy?

Quit Smoking – a lot of hints and some help.



Salt – What it does, how much is needed and what to do about it in your food



Scientific Studies, What do they Mean?

Sea Kelp Enhanced Iodine

Seasonal Allergies

Sensory Nerve Damage – Neuropathy

7 Principles of Fat Burning by Dr. Eric Berg is NOW

Shampoo, Clean Lather – Organic

Side Effects of Drugs, what does it create


Sinus Biotect – by Dr. Fuhrman

Sinusitis – Sinus Infection, Inflammation of the Nasal Sinuses

Sinus Problems & Mold

Skiing Health – Winter Health

Skin – Healthy Skin and how to get and maintain it

Skin Inflammation & Itchiness

Sleep Apnea

Sleep – Why you should get enough of it


Sleep Aid – Adrenal

Smoking – What it does to cause all that trouble and what to take that helps

Smoking, Quitting – decided to quit, here’s some help

Smoking – 10 Reasons not to

Snake Oil – Are you being sold “snake oil”?

Soda – whether sugar or diet, caffeine or non-caffeine

Sore Throat

Special Needs Children

Splenda  A sugar substitute

Spinal Stenosis

Sports Drink by Dr. Berg

Sports Injuries Causing Nerve Damage

Standard Process


Stomach Acid & Antacids – are they necessary?

Stomach Problems

Stress – Adrenal exhaustion

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Your Immune System

Stress, what is stressing you out?

Mental Stress Something that will help

Is it a Stroke?

Sugar – What it does to the body

Sugar Cravings

Sugar Substitutes

Summer Health

Summer-ize Your Body, by Dr. Cindy Clayton

Supplements – Are you being sold “snake oil”?

Supplements – How to get Results from Supplements, which ones do you need?

Supplements, why they don’t seem to work?

Supplements Why They Send People to the ER

Supplements, Whole Food – What to expect when you take them.

Surgery caused Nerve Damage

Synthetic Vitamins

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